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Enigma. Дискография (1990-2008)

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01 MCMXC a.D (1990)
01-The Voice of Enigma
02-Principles of Lust
03-Callas Went Away
04-Mea Culpa
05-The Voice & The Snake
06-Knocking On Forbidden Doors
07-Back To The Rivers Of Belief

02 MCMXC a. D. (The Limited Edition) (1991)
01-The Voice Of Enigma
02-Principles Of Lust- Sadeness
03-Principles Of Lust- Find Love
04-Principles Of Lust- Sadeness (Reprise)
05-Callas Went Away
06-Mea Culpa
07-The Voice & The Snake
08-Knocking On Forbidden Doors
09-Back To The Rivers Of Belief- Way To Eternity
10-Back To The Rivers Of Belief- Hallelujah
11-Back To The Rivers Of Belief- The Rivers Of Belief
12-Sadeness (Meditation)
13-Mea Culpa (Fading Shades)
14-Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust)
15-The Rivers Of Belief (The Returning Silence)

03 Enigma 2 - The Cross Of Changes (1993)
01-Second Chapter
02-The Eyes Of Truth
03-Return To Innocence
04-I Love You ... I'll Kill You
05-Silent Warrior
06-The Dream Of The Dolphin
07-Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song)
08-Out From The Deep
09-The Cross Of Changes

04 Enigma 3 - Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi (1996)
01-Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
02-Morphing Thru Time
03-Third Of Its Kind
04-Beyond The Invisible
06-Shadows In Silence
07-The Child In Us
08-T.N.T. For The Brain
09-Almost Full Moon
10-The Roundabout
11-Prism Of Life
12-Odyssey Of The Mind

05 Light Of Your Smile (The Singles '90- '98) CD1 (1998)
01-Light Of Your Smile
02-Beyond The Invisible (Radio Edit)
03-Almost Full Moon
04-Beyond The Invisible (Short Radio Edit)
05-Out From The Deep (Radio Edit)
06-Out From The Deep (Rock Version)
07-Out From The Deep (Trance Mix 168 bpm)
08-Age Of Loneliness (Radio Edit)
09-Age Of Loneliness (Clubby Radio Edit)
10-Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix 128 bpm)
11-Age Of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix 93 bpm)
12-The Eyes Of Truth (Radio Edit)
13-The Eyes Of Truth (The Gotterclammerung Mix)

06 Light Of Your Smile (The Singles '90- '98) CD2 (1998)
01-Return To Innocence (Radio Edit)
02-Return To Innocence (Long & Alive Version)
03-Return To Innocence (380 Midnight Mix)
04-Return To Innocence (Short radio Edit)
05-Principles of Lust (Radio Edit)
06-Principles of Lust (Evarlasting Lust Mix)
07-Principles of Lust (The Omen Mix)
08-Mea Culpa Part II
09-Mea Culpa Part II (Fading Shades mix)
10-Mea Culpa Part II (Orthodox Version)
11-Sadeness Part I
12-Sadeness Part I (Violent US Remix)
13-Sadeness Part I (Extended Trance Mix)
14-Sadeness Part I (Meditation Mix)

07 Metamorphosis (1998)
01-IV Chapter
02-Light of Your Smile
04-Start - to - End
05-Responsorium 1
06-Snow of the Sahara
07-Sensing the Spheres
08-Black Moon Dance
09-By the Moon
10-Responsorium 2
11-Ancient Person of My Heart
12-Ancient Person ... (Dance Mix)

08 Complete aingles (2000) vol.1
01-Light Of Your Smile
02-Beyond The Invisible (Radio Edit)
03-The Twilight Of The Gods (Trance Mix)
04-Beyond The Invisible (Short Edit)
05-Out From The Deep (Radio Edit)
06-Out From The Deep (Rock Edit)
07-Out From The Deep (Trance Mix)
08-Age Of Loneliness (Radio Edit)
09-Age Of Loneliness (Club Radio Edit)
10-Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Edit)
11-Age Of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Mix)
12-The Eyes Of Truth (Radio Edit)
13-The Eyes Of Truth (The Goutterelammerung Mix)
14-The Eyes Of Truth (Dub Version)

09 Complete aingles (2000) vol.2
01-Return To Innocence (Radio Edit)
02-Return To Innocence (Long)
03-Return To Innocence (380 Midnight)
04-Return To Innocence (Short Radio Mix)
05-Principles Of Lust (Radio Edit)
06-Principles Of Lust (Everlastin)
07-Principles Of Lust (Omen Mix)
08-Mea Culpa (Part II Original Version)
09-Mea Culpa (Part II Fading Shadows)
10-Mea Culpa (Part II Orthodox Version)
11-Sadeness Part 1 (Radio Edit)
12-Sadeness Part 1 (Violent US Remix)
13-Sadeness Part 1 (Extended Trance Mix)
14-Sadeness Part 1 (Meditation Mix)
15-Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix)
16-Gravity Of Love (Dark Vocal Club Mix)

10 Dream On (2000)
01-Sadeness part I [meditation mix]
02-Mea Culpa part II [fading shades mix]
03-Simple Obesession
04-Waiting For The Hurricane
05-All Out Of Love
06-Just For The Day
07-Sadeness part I [extended trance mix]
08-Mea Culpa part II [orthodox mix]
09-Lovelight In You Eyes
10-Holdin' On To You
11-Without A Soun
12-Power of The Loser
13-Mea Culpa part II [catholic version]
14-Sadeness part I [violent u.s. mix]
15-Dream On
16-Snowin'Under My Skin

11 Push The Limits (2000)
01-Push The Limits (Radio Edit)
02-Push The Limits (Atb Remix)
03-Push The Limits (Album Version)
04-Push The Limits (Atb Radio Remix)

12 Mystic Mixes (2000)
01-T.N.T for the Brain (Night Girl Remix)
02-Sadeness (Mutilation UK Mix)
03-Mea Culpa (Orthodoxy Mix)
04-The Eyes of Truth (Light Creator Mix)
05-Gravity of Love (Rigid Voice Club Mix)
06-Light of your Smile (Short Remix)
07-Modern Crusaders (Distinction Mix)
08-Gravity of Love (Scourge Club Mix)
09-Mea Culpa (Fade to Spirit Mix)
10-Endless Quest (Mysterious Mix)
11-The Eyes of Truth (Deep Bass Club Remix)
12-Sadeness (Disillusion Remix)

13 The Screen Behind The Mirror (2000)
01-The Gate
02-Push The Limits
03-Gravity Of Love
04-Smell Of Desire
05-Modern Crusaders
06-Traces (Light And Weight)
07-The Screen Behind The Mirror
08-Endless Quest
09-Camera Obscura
10-Between Mind And Heart
11-Silence Must Be Heard

14 Turn Around (2001)
01-Turn Around (Radio Edit)
02-Turn Around (Northern Lights Club Mix)
03-Gravity Of Love (Chilled Club Mix)

15 Love Sensuality Devotion (2001)
01-The Landing
02-Turn Around
03-Gravity Of Love
04-T.N.T for the Brain
05-Modern Crusaders
06-Shadows In Silence
07-Return To Innocence
08-I Love You ... I'll Kill You
09-Principles Of Lust
10-Sadeness Part 1
11-Silence Must Be Heard
12-Smell Of Desire
13-Mea Culpa
14-Push The Limits
15-Beyond The Invisible
16-Age Of Loneliness
17-Morphing Thru Time
18-The Cross Of Changes

16 Love Sensuality Devotion (The Remix Collection) (2003)
01-Turn Around (Northern Lights Club Mix)
02-Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix)
03-Push The Limits (ATB Remix)
04-Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix)
05-Return To Innocence (380 Midnight Mix)
06-Sadeness (Part I) (Violent U.S. Remix)
07-Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)
08-Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Mix)
09-T.N.T. For The Brain (Midnight Man Mix)

17 Voyageur (2003)
01-From East To West
04-Page Of Cups
06-Total Eclipse Of The Moon
07-Look Of Today
08-In The Shadow, In The Light
10-The Piano
11-Following The Sun

18 Sleep (2003)
01-Damascus (Vocals By Chemda)
02-Center Of The Sun (Vocals By Sandra)

19 Boum-Boum (single) (2004)
01-Boum-Boum (Chicane Club Version)
02-Boum-Boum (Chicane Radio Edit)
03-Boum-Boum (Enigma Radio Edit)
04-Boum-Boum (Wally Lopez Club Version)
05-Boum-Boum (Wally Lopez Radio Edit)

20 Erotic Dreams (2005)
01-Temple Of Love
02-Water (Creativity)
03-It-s In The Mind (Not In The Eye)
04-Love Me
06-Valley Of Dreams
07-Pharaon-s Dream
09-African Love
10-Voices In The Dark
11-Respect (All My Relations)

21 A Posteriori (2006)
01-Eppur Si Muove
02-Feel Me Heaven
03-Dreaming Of Andromeda
04-Dancing With Mephisto
05-Northern Lights
06-Invisible Love
07-Message From Io
08-Hello And Welcome (New Version)
09-20,000 Miles Over The Sea
10-Sitting On The Moon
11-The Alchemist
12-Goodbye Milky Way

22 Hello And Welcome (single) (2006)
01-Hello And Welcome (Radio Edit)
02-Hello And Welcome (Thunderstorm Mix)
03-Hello And Welcome (After The Storm Mix)

23 Seven Lives Many Faces (2008)
02-Seven Lives
04-The Same Parents
05-Fata Morgana
06-Hell's Heaven
07-La Puerta Del Cielo
08-Distorted Love
09-Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
10-Deja Vu
11-Between Generations
12-The Language Of Sound

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